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Life Unworthy Anniversary sale

For the 1-year anniversary of Life Unworthy's release, I've touched up a few minor errors and put it on sale for 1.99 on Amazon for the E-book. Over time, the price will rise back up to full price, so get it while you can!

The book is getting very good reviews, its 4+ stars on Amazon with very impressed readers. A few examples:

"This is an exciting and involving thriller unfortunately marred by a number of editorial errors. It is clear the author did much research in creating a credible (but for the werewolf) WWII Poland and the reader may even learn a thing or two amongst the carnage. Highly recommended."

"In terms of the story, since I don't like monster books in general, my chief curiosity was how the author could make *both* the Nazis and the werewolf lose while creating a satisfying ending. I think he succeeded."

"I finished this book fairly quickly. It was a good read, well-developed characters, solid plot without glaring holes. It kept moving... Mr. Taylor is a skilled storyteller with a delightful imagination."

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