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Fiction by Christopher Taylor

The first novel by Christopher Taylor, Snowberry's Veil features the adventures of Erkenbrand, a ranger in the wilderness.


A tale of outdoor survival, questing, awful monsters, and romance, Snowberry's Veil focuses on one man's battles to regain his love and the challenges he faces protecting not just her but an entire caravan of travelers from the dangers of the wilds.


A "microfantasy," this is no epic tale of armies and kingdoms, but one man's story in a difficult and dangerous land.



"Christopher Taylor's first, self-published novel is an imaginative story about a forest ranger/explorer who perseveres amidst dangers such as beastmen, human degenerates, strange hybrid forest creatures, and a harsh, wintry environment. The novel is at its best when the characters are actively engaged in an adventure, and the story is especially gripping when such adventures lead to heroic battles and confrontations."

-James D. Huck

Old Habits is the second novel by Christopher Taylor.


A fantasy adventure, Old Habits is set in the same world as Snowberry's Veil and features the trials and adventures of a theif named Stoce as he travels in search of lost gems.


Following on the heels of Snowberry's Veil, this novel holds to the same microfantasy feel, focusing on small personal stories rather than epic world-sweeping events.



"Do our circumstances determine whether we're doomed to evil, or can we choose otherwise?

"This story deals with one man's journey from potential damnation to possible salvation."

-Paul D. Walker

Life Unworthy is the third novel by Christopher Taylor.  Step back in time to Poland in the spring of 1943, where a werewolf rips free from Auschwitz and carves a bloody path through the Nazi occupation. 


This novel has been called "incredible" and "stellar" by reviewers, and is not only thrilling and suspenseful but packed with accurate history and events ripped from the past.



"This book reminds me of Schindler’s List. I read Life Unworthy cover to cover and I know that those of you that know me will be amazed. This is not a fluffy book and as history shows there isn’t much of a happier ever after."

-Nell Justice



In 1991, Hero Games published Western Hero by Matt Forbeck.  This was a full set of rules for playin a 19th century  US frontier campaign, with a bestiary, NPCs, maps, adventures, notes and everything a GM and player might want.

Two editions and nearly 30 years later, I figured the book was due for a rebuild, so I sat down and started writing.  It started out as just a personal project but as time went on, it became obvious this could be a real book for Hero Games.

When I pitched it to Hero, at first they suggested it be part of the Community Project, but when they saw my manuscript they changed their minds, and now its coming out as an official Hero Games sourcebook.

The book has been trimmed a bit; the bestiary isn't needed, for example, but its also been expanded with more tips, more useful historical background for the GM, more adventure ideas, and so on.

Watch for Western  Hero to hit the shelves soon!

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