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The Games Workshop game Warhammer Quest® is a sort of cross between a board game and a role playing game. It is simple and fun, and almost anyone can pick it up very fast. The world is the strange and sometimes gruesome but always adventurous and fun Warhammer universe, and the characters explore deeps and tombs for treasure and glory. Warhammer Quest can be played as a simple board game, or expanded to a full blown role playing game, and the miniatures and board sections used with it really make it fun.



Warhammer Quest is a copyrighted product of Games Workshop



A Rebuilt Astronomer Character, based on the Talisman adaptation by GreyWolf.

A Rebuilt Bard Character by Dean Chambers, based on the one that Lord Snail created.

A Rebuilt and greatly expanded Beastman Character based on the Talisman adaptation by GreyWolf, including all new encounter tables for outdoors.

Original Druid Character

A Rewritten Fire Wizard Character, based on the Taslisman adaptation by GreyWolf.

Halfling Thief Character built based on the Thief and Halfling Thief characters available on the net.

A Greatly Rebuilt High Elf Mage Character, based on the character by GreyWolf.

A new Knight Templar Character dedicated to destroying Chaos and Undead, includes new settlement events and magic.

A Rebuilt Mentalist Character, based on the Talisman adaptation by GreyWolf.

A Rebuilt Necromancer Profession with his own list of spells, still partially under construction. Put a little undead in your Quest.

A Rebuilt Ranger Character, based on the Taslisman adaptation by GreyWolf.

A Rewritten Vampire Profession for those who stalk the night.

A rebuilt Way Watcher Character, rewritten and expanded.

A Greatly rebuilt Witch Elf Character based on the one by GreyWolf, but expanded.



New Adventures! 6 new adventures for each tile type, set up to eventually be D66 adventures for every tile some day

More New Adventures!!! some for the new tiles that I have downloaded, when I have them ready for printing the proper size, I will post the tiles here as well (along with cards so you can print those as well).

A Skaven Undercity edited for Word for Windows and cleaned up some, for use with evil characters or the Skaven (a Skaven Engineer is on the way for play), also originally by GreyWolf.

The New Treasure List! HUGE, 9 tables of D66 treasures, totally compiled from all sources I could find, don't use treasure cards, use the charts (updated charts, for better randomized results)! The Treasure Chart is also available in plain text format here.



A useful Character Sheet in Microsoft XL format.

Some rules by GreyWolf for outdoor adventures, based on rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battles©, spice up your travel to settlements!

With these rules you can hire Henchmen like in Advanced Heroquest, also by GreyWolf

This is a new list of Hazards, 100 of them for much more interesting variety outdoors travelling to settlements.

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