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Fantastic adventure in role playing games is available for you now at Kestrel Arts!


From wilderness exploration to city mysteries, we've got what you need.  Each adventure is carefully designed to be as easy to use and run as possible for the GM, with full maps, handouts that can be printed off and given to players, specific and useful explanations of areas, full character sheets for important NPCs, treasure details, and much more!


Each adventure is officially licensed by Hero games, and is available in pdf for download or print on demand, from Kestrel Arts.  

Lurking in the wilderness is an old dilapidated castle and the ruins of the nearby village. It has been taken over by the creatures of the wilds, but what lies inside these crumbling walls, and why are they being rebuilt?


What lurks beneath the Lost Castle? And why was it abandoned so long ago?  A Fantasy Hero adventure for 4-8 characters of no more than 1000 total points, combined.


Paperback: $8.99

pdf Download: $2.99


The great mage and mystic experimenter Elenthar has vanished, his tower in the city gone silent and locked tight. What has happened? His home stands still save for mysterious moaning sounds at night. What strange wonders may be found in the archmage’s home? Do you dare explore -- or even more daring -- loot this manor?


A complete Fantasy Hero adventure for 4-6 characters of no more than 850 total points, combined.


Paperback: $5.00

pdf Download: $2.99


In a newly settled area of the wilderness stands an old keep, strong and intact. What secrets does it hold and what terrors lie beneath it? Are you bold enough to quest into the unknown? Two Kings Keep is a nostalgic dungeon crawl with intriguing twists and a story for the curious to unfold.


Two Kings Keep is a Fantasy Hero adventure for 4-8 characters of up to 800 total combined points.


Paperback: $8.99

pdf Download: $3.50

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