Empower your wizard!


Almost a thousand new spells for your fantasy game, detailed and organized for use by GMs and Players alike. Designed for Fantasy Hero by Hero Games, this collection of magic may be adapted for any fantasy setting.


Unlock spells like Grimstaff’s Grand Enhancement, Cinder Spray, Tornado, and Call Aether Spite! Learn magical spells from five different orders and seventeen magical schools! Summon not just elementals but a keep or siege weapons! Cast spells to baffle and confound your enemies!


The Fantasy Codex is packed with unique and creative magic for your spell caster to learn and use... and for your GM to use against you.



The Fantasy Codex in print, hardbound and printed on demand from Lulu.



The Fantasy Codex in paperback, printed on demand from Lulu



The Fantasy Codex for download in pdf form.  Available direct from Hero Games.


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