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Champions 101

I and several others are working on a new project for the Hero Games legendary and award-winning Champions Superhero Role Playing Game.

This project is an attempt to create an introductory series of scenarios designed to act as a tutorial for teaching both players and GMs Champions and the Hero System. This adventure presumes that the GMs and players have little to no experience with the game and teaches step by step all they need to know while providing an exciting adventure as well as pre-built characters.

The core of this adventure would be an updated and enhanced version of the old Viper’s Nest adventure from 4th edition Champions and earlier, with pre-built characters to provide players with a quick jump directly into the action.

Anyone who uses this new product, whether GM or Player, will be able to jump right into playing Champions in a quick and easy to learn tutorial interface. The product is intended to be made available on the Hero Games website for free for all to download and use. A Print-on-

Demand version for low-cost will also be made available if demand arises.

The timeline on this is uncertain, but probably will not be available until Summer 2016.

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