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When poison gas was delivered to a shower in Birkenau, the soldiers expected death, but what came out of that concrete chamber was far worse. Now the Fuhrer has demanded the monster be tracked down and destroyed, but a German scientist has other ideas for how it may be used for the third Reich. And the Werewolf has plans of his own.


Caught in the middle is the city of Krakow and its citizens striving to survive under the brutal, murderous Nazi regime. In that city is Aniela Wisniewski, a 'pianist' feeding snippets of information to the British. As events unfold, terror spreads over the city with Aniela at its center, a terror racing to an inconceivable conclusion!

This book started with a simple concept: what if a werewolf was caught in the showers at Birkenau?  The instant justice appealed to me, but then I started asking questions.  What would the Nazis do?  What does the werewolf do next?  Why was he in the shower to begin with?


And so the story began to develop.  This took me about six years to write, off and on, trying to get it right and feel I was skilled enough to do the story justice.  Research on this was intense, trying to get every detail correct and add in enough to make it feel and seem like it was really part of the times.


If you like urban fantasy, supernatural fiction, alternate history, thrillers, and even horror, you'll enjoy Life Unworthy.


-Christopher Taylor

Urban Fantasy Horror

468 pages


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ISBN: 978-15171961-6-5


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"I really liked this!


Recommended for readers who like well-researched historical thrillers, gothic horror, monster hunts, characters who grapple with philosophical and moral questions."




"Great history intertwined with regional monster mythology."

-Timothy Ellis



"Storytelling done right.  


It was a good read, well-developed characters, solid plot without glaring holes. It kept moving... Mr. Taylor is a skilled storyteller with a delightful imagination."

-Dwaine Robertson



A fantasy novel featuring a King's Ranger as he tries to survive the wilderness of the mountains, the monsters within, and save a caravan of settlers heading to new lands.


Will he ever see his love again?






A Fantasy novel about a thief on the run and in over his head, chasing lost jewels.


Will he find the treasure, or something greater?


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