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This is a gaming supplement unlike any other you've seen.  Packed with information about the Fantasy Gaming setting of Jolrhos, this adds information for players and GMs alike to take full advantage of the game setting.  The Field Guide is made up of three sub-books, each one filled with fantastic and exciting details.

The World Book gives ideas about how the world is structured, including weather, major nations and features, and general geography.  But there's much, much more.  Also included are geopolitics with how the nations interact, what the major forces and powers are that impact the world, the fundamental forces at work such as magic, nature, spirits, religion, and more.  Tips on running economies, how to handle lives of PCs in civilized settings as well as nature, and info on things like disease, starvation, exposure, and much more help a GM know how to challenge the players and the players know how to deal with the surroundings of the PCs.

The Resource Book is filled with useful details in the world such as enchanted herbs that can be harvested and prepared for magical effects.  Also found in this section are animals and insects that instead of being merely targets or antagonists can be taken advantage of for players in their setting or a hazard to deal with.  Then there are plants, minerals and more that can be can be hazards or used creatively to benefit players.  Also in this section magical ores, woods, crystals and other substances which may be found and harvested for use in trades, as well as poisons which can be a menace or a tool in the hands of a player character.

The Tradebook is packed with information on how to use these materials to create nearly everything that can be found or built in the world.  From Alchemy to Weaving, from Blacksmithing to Engineering, Enchanting, Leatherworking and beyond, a dozen trades player characters can learn and master, enabling them to make wonders out of the things they discover.  And included are details on how to use professional skills more effectively and creatively in a campaign.

And that's just the highlights.  Years in the making, with decades of playtest, the Jorhos Field Guide is useful for any fantasy campaign, but is particularly useful for the Jolrhos campaign setting.  Over 400 pages of in depth detail and exciting information for players and GMs alike!



You can get the Jolrhos Field Guide now in Hardcover print on demand at  Just $30 for over 400 pages packed full of details!


Soon available at in print with a glossy soft cover for $25!


Now available on the Hero Games Store for download at $15!

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