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The Jolrhos Bestiary is a book packed with unusual and unique creatures designed for role playing games.  Written for Fantasy Hero, it can be used with any game needing an interesting creature.  Officially licensed by Hero Games.


You won’t find goblins or giants in this book, no dragons or orcs or werewolves. What you will find are strange, unique, and exciting creatures; creatures to stir the imagination and surprise your players with. With almost three hundred different creatures from the Accursed to the Zhar, this book is packed with friend and foe, and none of them fit the usual pattern. What will your heroes do when faced with the fearsome Black Spore, or when they are hunted by the Prowler? What strange fate awaits those who encounter the Scarlet Polyp?


Can your character master the Plated Steed? The Jolrhos Bestiary is filled with strange and wonderful beasts that can be found in the campaign world of Jolrhos, giving stats to the Boletid and the Geryon. The Jolrhos Bestiary is a valuable tool for any fantasy role playing campaign. Packed with useful tips and information far beyond just lists of detailed and fully illustrated monsters, every GM will find something useful in this book!



The Bestiary in hard bound form.  This deluxe edition tome has 336 pages and is available for print on demand at Lulu for $30.00


The Bestiary in pdf form for electronic download.  The same content, but delivered to your computer, for $12.99 at the  Hero Games catalog


Every creature and variant in the Jolrhos Bestiary has been built in the Hero Designer program.  This download package includes part of the Bestiary intro and all the .hdc files for every creature in the Jolrhos Bestiary.  

$5.00 download at Hero Games.


The Bestiary in soft cover form, with all the contents of the hard cover edition; 336 pages from CreateSpace and Amazon for $20.00


All the creatures in the Jolrhos Bestiary for printing, cutting, and folding into "tent" style paper miniatures.  Includes directions on how to create the miniatures and extra images not found in the Jolrhos Bestiary.  

$2.99 pdf  download.



Some basic very typical monsters for your fantasy adventure campaign, in 6th edition Hero format.  Samples from an upcoming product.

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