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Serving the king as a Ranger was never boring, but once Erkenbrand takes on the responsibility of scouting for a caravan of settlers heading to the wilderness, he faces challenges like never before.


Separated from the caravan and stripped of all his gear Erkenbrand must struggle for his life before he can see his love Thealea again. Facing the snowy wilderness, the monsters that dwell there, and the creatures he meets, the Ranger Erkenbrand is alone with only his skills and will to survive.


And behind it all is a secret that could doom both Thealea and Erkenbrand.


Snowberry's Veil is a departure from the usual world-changing, multi-part fantasy epic, taking a more personal look at a smaller adventure. Instead of saving the world from vast evil, this is a more intimate look at one hero's struggle to survive and help those around him.


Enter a world of strange creatures, magic, and personal struggle; a fight against the harsh wilderness as well as the evil that can lurk within man.

Fantasy Fiction

434 pages


E-Book at Amazon


ISBN: 978-0-9838176-2-8


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ISBN: 978-0-9838176-3-5


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ISBN: 978-1519212870

Imagine, if you will, the writing style and themes of Louis L'Amour's incredibly popular and skillful story telling. Now imagine that applied to a fantasy setting, with magiic, monsters, and adventure.


That's what I've tried to do in Snowberry's Veil: bring these two elements together. I've long been a fan of L'Amour's work, and for some time I've thought that his style and tales would mesh well with fantasy. This "mashup" of sorts worked even better than I'd hoped, and I think you'll agree when you read Snowberry's Veil


I hope you enjoy Snowberry's Veil, and I intend to keep writing and keep publishing stories as long as I can.

-Christopher Taylor

" good as I've read anywhere" 
-Mike Garfield


"Very well written and engaging." 
-Pastor Rob Toornstra


"Lots of adventure, a little philosophy, a little magic and a lot of outwitting of enemies"


"If I ever needed to explain to someone what role playing games were all about, this book would be a perfect addition to that explanation."

-Paul D. Walker


"This was a really fun read and I'm looking forward to reading the next novel by this author. It was clear the author knows his wilderness skills thoroughly and was fun to read the ranger describing details of his craft."




A Fantasy novel about a thief on the run and in over his head, chasing lost jewels.


Will he find the treasure, or something greater?




An Urban Fantasy Horror in WW2, with a Werewolf carving a bloody path across Poland and the Nazis chasing him.


Caught in the middle is the city of Krakow and the 'pianist' Aniela Wisznewiski.




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