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Jolrhos is the name of the world of a long-running Fantasy campaign is set in.  Its also the world that Kestrel Arts Fantasy Hero products such as The Fantasy Codex are designed for, an ever-expanding line of products detailing this world for others to use in their games.  Here you'll find free files and info to download about the world!

Free adventures!  Here you can find short adventures, previews of upcoming products, and pieces you can drop into your campaign, for free download.

Here I've compiled several personal projects, converting old favorite modules and adventures from other games into Fantasy Hero for free download.  Most are 5th edition, with a few updated into 6th edition.  From Keep on the Borderlands to Beneath Karak Azgal, you'll find plenty of nostalgic fun here!

Loads of documents and pieces for gaming, from sheets to fill out to help GMs run a game, to printed character sheets, aids for building adventures, and much more!

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