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This is a sampling of some of Christopher Taylor's art, in various types and settings.  Much of this work has been illustration for different gaming products, some of which never saw the light of day.  All is copyright ©Christopher Taylor and Kestrel Arts 2001, but they are free for personal non-commercial use.

As I'm building bestiaries for my fantasy books, I illustrate them all, and as a result there are hundreds of drawings from A to Z.  I'll rotate through them as I find time.


Almost all of this art was for a game called Shattered Systems that never saw publication, sadly, as it was quite creative and an interesting setting.


Art for fantasy products and personal enjoyment.  Most of this has made it into various Kestrel Arts products.


These are images that don't fall easily into any other category such as the types below.


Much of the work here was for a d20 project that would act as a cross-game platform to tie all d20 Open Copyright License products into a single combined multiverse.


A special section of fantasy art dedicated to just monsters from my Bestiaries. There are hundreds of them, from a to z, and I'll rotate through them in the future as I find the time.

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