Here you can find all of the gaming downloads, products, and offerings in Kestrel Arts' ever-expanding catalog.  From free downloads to links to the books, adventures, and other materials for your Role Playing and other gaming fun, you'll find it all here.


Here's where you'll find the various licensed Kestrel Arts products at the official Hero Games online catalog, from the Fantasy Codex to adventures and beyond!

Packed with spells, ideas for running magic in a game, a spell-naming thesaurus, and much more, this is an ideal supplement for your Fantasy Hero or any other role playing game where magic is featured.


In hardbound print, for $30.00 at Lulu print on demand!

Packed with monsters, this book is full of strange and unique creatures, not your usual goblins and giants every other bestiary holds!  Plus, tons of useful tips, information and ideas and full indices.


In hardbound print for $30.00 at Lulu print on demand!


Kestrel Arts can be found on the world's biggest shopping page on the internet, with many of our products for sale in both e-book and print form!


The book of the world; a guide for gaming in the Fantasy Role Playing setting of Jolrhos.  Packed with information for player and GM, usable for any fantasy setting, but particularly valuable for the Jolrhos setting.

Soon available in print and pdf!

Hidden in the wilderness is the ruins of a town and castle from a lost kingdom.  What secrets lie in the castle... or beneath it?  And what is living in the ruins now?  A dungeon crawl adventure for Fantasy Hero.


Softbound print for $8.99 from Lulu print on demand!

Free stuff!


From module rewrites to previews of coming products, useful pages and bits for your game, background information, and much more all free to download!


Coming Soon:

Free stuff for the old GDW game Warhammer Quest!


New Warrior packs, adventures, map tiles, and much more are all available here for your enjoyment.

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