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Kestrel Arts Page Reboot

The biggest thing in the news right now is the rebuild of the Kestrel Arts webpage. I had been putting off the effort for, well, years, largely because I can't stand doing any programming, even something as easy as HTML.

So the old page lay fallow and unchanged for a long time, with links going dead and cobwebs building up over the dust. It was a nice enough page in 1999 but as time has gone on and the internet has gotten fancier, faster, and more interesting in style, Kestrel Arts was left behind.

I found a nifty website called Wix that allowed me to build a new webpage using a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) interface, building the page as it will appear with elements rather than lines of code. Previously when I would design a page, I'd do it with Notepad and a lot of cut and paste work. With this free online tool I was able to whip up a pretty nice looking page easily and quickly - much more so than doing it the old way.

The page isn't complete, and I'll be adding and fixing things along the way, but for now, the new page launch is out there for folks to look at.


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