Under heavy construction. This page will soon feature articles, resources, files, and images. For now, here is some useful links I have found!

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals home page, definately worth a look

The Cambrige Declaration, a modern day statement of faith and call to biblical focus. This is an excellent document that explains much of what I believe and why.

An excellent Reformed Doctrine site

RC Sproul's Renewing Your Mind home page

The home page for the Bible Study Hour radio show with James Boice

Don Matzat's home page Issues Etcetera, a thoughtful study of the world today, including a radio show and journal.

The Back To God Hour home page, the radio show of my church.

Alastair Begg's Truth for Life home page, an excellent Reformed Baptist page

The Credenda Agenda magazine home page and publishing catalog, many excellent books here

An excellent page with Jonathon Edwards resources

Just some handy information and Biblical Tools on this page for study and use

just something a little fun to look at