Snowberry's Veil Cover
Serving the king as a Ranger has never been boring, but once Erkenbrand takes on the responsibility of scouting for a caravan of settlers heading to the wilderness, he faces challenges like never before.

Separated from the caravan and stripped of all his gear Erkenbrand must struggle for his life before he can see his love Thealea again. Facing the wilderness, the monsters that dwell there, and the creatures he meets, Erkanbrand is alone with only his skills and will to survive. And behind it all is a dark secret that might doom both Thealea and Erkenbrand.

Snowberry's Veil is a departure from the usual world-changing multi-part fantasy epic, taking a more personal look at a smaller adventure. Instead of saving the world from vast evil, this is a more intimate look at one man's struggle to survive and help those around him.

Enter a world of strange creatures, magic, and personal struggle; a fight against the harsh wilderness as well as the evil that man can bring.

" good as I've read anywhere"
-Mike Garfield

"Very well written and engaging."
-Pastor Rob Toornstra

"I really enjoyed it and I don't even like fantasy"
-Arie Jongeneel

224 pages, softcover

ISBN: 978-1-61546-752-5


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Imagine, if you will, the writing style and themes of Louis L'Amour's incredibly popular and skillful story telling. Now imagine that applied to a fantasy setting, with magic and monsters and adventure.

That's what I've tried to do in Snowberry's Veil: bring these two elements together. I've long been a fan of L'Amour's work, and for some time I've thought that his style and tales would mesh well with fantasy. This "mashup" of sorts worked even better than I'd hoped, and I think you'll agree when you read Snowberry's Veil

Most fantasy novels are gigantic things thick as a phone book with sequel after sequel slowly telling a story or telling several connected tales. These can be good books and an entertaining read, but I wanted to see more books written in a smaller scale. Books like the Fafhard and Gray Mouser series by Fritz Lieber, smaller tales of more personal events. "Micro" as opposed to "macro," if you will, so that's what I've written and will keep writing.

Instead of saving the world, Erkenbrand tries to save his friends. Instead of a massive quest to destroy the evil, Erkenbrand does smaller quests to help the local creatures. Erkenbrand is a different sort of hero, in a familiar, but unique world.

I hope you enjoy Snowberry's Veil, as I intend to keep writing and keep publishing stories as long as I can.

-Christopher Taylor

picture of the author

Christopher Taylor is an artist and writer living in western Oregon with his brothers. He enjoys westerns and sea novels, but is often frustrated with fantasy writing. Following the advice of Toni Morrison who said "If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it," Christopher began writing and hasn't stopped since.


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