The State of Oregon home page

'Our' Government

More Federal Links

The Smithsonian Magazine home page

National Geographic home page, lots of great pics here

A fun cartoon you might enjoy, PVP Online although sometimes it has adult themes

One of my must-read sites every weekday James Lileks, the Will Rogers of our time. Retro and contemporary - and check out his books, you won't be sorry.

A useful myth breaking page, this one about Computer Viruses, take a look if you are worried about that alleged Email virus

The IBM AntiVirus page on Virus Frauds to debunk some of the alerts flying around

Another good Virus Myth page

And, just for fun, the movie sounds homepage, with lots of movie lines and clips, hilarious stuff

Featuring 4 Himalayan/Persian catteries: Katsation, Karabel, Purrsuits, and LeChatPaws. Beautiful home raised cats and kittens, fast loading graphics and pictures.