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These are the house rules for Hero games that I run in local games. This is a jump point to the sections of the rules that are changed, just pick a section and hit GO! This is only for personal use, and does not reflect any copyright violation or attempt to make money off the copyrights of Hero games. All the house rules are open to change and suggestion; they are constantly under playtesting, some have not been playtested in any way


House Rules are not a reflection of the quality of a game system, rather a compliment to a set of rules like Hero, since the design is intended to be flexible and able to create and simulate any world imaginable. The changes suggested here are from almost 20 years of play and thought with the system, and reflect the thoughts of several gamers. We have found the playtested rules to be very helpful, and hope you can find them useful for you as well.

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Powers, Skills, and Disadvantages - The House Rules on Powers, Skills, Talents, Perks, and Disadvantages. Includes the new power Immortality and information on skills.
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Power Modifiers - House Rules and notes regarding Advantages, Limitations, and Power Frameworks. Includes many new modifiers and variants.
[Writing a Scroll]
House Rules Notes- General Notes on combat, learning skills, and other rules for Hero games. Includes a list of normal martial arts (0 cost maneuvers anyone can use) and rules for bleeding, drowning and such.
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