Escher hands
Over the years of play with Hero Games, I've developed a few rules and ideas. This section has an extended selection of these rules: powers, skills, modifiers, disadvantages and more.
Champions Cover
The campaign background for the Kestrel Universe. This has the history and basic information on the Kestrel Champions campaign. How do the people respond to superheroes? How does the government view superheroes, and what is the law like? What is the technology like? All this and more.
PC Super Group
The Kestrel Universe index, with details on the major characters and organizations in alphabetical order. From Ace to Zugaikotsu, and all points in between.
PC Super Group
The Viper Technology for the Kestrel Champions Campaign (not quite complete, but here's a glimpse at what it is so far), based on Viper information from Hero Games but tailored for this campaign.
A compilation of interesting little bits I saved over the years from the Hero email list before it withered and died. Great idea, hilarious thoughts, tips, adventures, and suggestions. Great for any GM or player.


A scenario for a beginning group. Our heroes have interviewed and won positions to take over for a retiring superhero group. But what's happened at the base, and why do these events seem so familiar?
The base that was set up for the Chicago Watch superhero campaign in the Kestrel Universe. An extensive supervillain base for Viper has been set up right in down town Chicago, under the cover of rebuilding from an alien invasion. But these serpents aren't hiding: they have a hip nightclub called Viper and are in plain sight!

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