Hero Games, of course!

Gold Rush Games, publishers of excellent hero material

The homepage of Aaron Allston, writer and Hero Guru/contributor

The Red October Homepage, THE Hero resource in the BBS days

Bob Greenwade's Champions page, lots of good stuff here and some Oregon information for the curious

Golden Hawks Universe,

Shelley Chrystal Mactyre's Champions Resources, including the Primus page.

The Open Directory project, with links to hundreds of Role Playing Game pages and resources

Fantasy Hero spells and treasure at the Fantasy Hero Treasure Trove.

Star Hero Fandom, your science fiction Hero Games resource center

The home page of GSPC and other simple programs, I still use this little program on a laptop for keeping track of combat and dice rolling after more than ten years.


the Irony Games page is an incredibly useful site for online and PBEM gamers in particular

Gamemaster's Web Tools, another excellent site for GMs everywhere.


The Games Workshop home page

The Warhammer Quest Archive page

Graywolf's excellent Warhammer Quest resource page!

The Dungeon of Muggee, a Warhammer Quest classic

The home page of the miniatures skirmish-level wargame Chronopia!

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