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DUNGEON DESIGN: Random tables and information assist with filling out underground and indoor areas. Traps, tricks, fountains, libraries, features, and more!
OUTDOOR FEATURES: Random tables for filling in outdoor areas and the surrounding area of any adventure. Odd formations, natural features, threats, traps, and much more!
CHARACTER SHEET: Fantasy Hero character sheet. A 3-column classic Hero Games character sheet tailored for the Jolrhos Fantasy Hero campaign, for those times when you fill it out with a pencil instead of a printer!
RECORD SHEET: Hero Games record sheet. Keep track of equipment, defenses, endurance per phase, money, weapons and more. Useful for the back of character sheets in any Hero game.
ALTERNATE RECORD SHEET: A two-page version of the record sheet, for more information and data, especially useful for heroic games.
THE HIT LIST: A combat record sheet for hero games, keep track of everyone and when they move, with basic combat info for each character.

QUICK ADVENTURES: Dozens of quick, easy adventures for GMs to run in a single setting, or at most two. Sixteen total adventures centered around treasure maps and lost loot!
THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: Rules and background for tournaments, jousting and grand melee in Jolrhos Fantasy Hero. This is set specifically in the Westermark campaign, see below for more on that setting.
THE MISSING KING: The young king of Urland, a small kingdom that has known peace for centuries, has vanished. Dark rumors of the dead clawing out of their tombs are whispered by fearful locals, what is happening to the kingdom of Urland? This is an unfinished adventure, take a look before the finished version is done and out for sale!

B1: IN SEARCH OF THE UNKNOWN: The one that started them all, the first module TSR ever published, way back in 1978. The old classic is now available for Fantasy Hero, completely redesigned and reimagined while retaining the character and bulk of the module. This is a full, ready to play adventure.
N4: TREASURE HUNT You start with 0 base points plus 50 points in disadvantages, naked and shipwrecked. What do you do? Champions adventure writer Aaron Allston designed a fascinating module for Dungeons and Dragons called Treasure Hunt in which the characters were level 0 and had to survive on what little skills and abilities they had, while earning level 1. This zip file is a full adaptation of the module, and includes Hero Designer files for pre-made characters to offer players.
ALKHARG: This is an adaptation of an old adventure in Dragon #78 called Citadel By The Sea and is designed to expand and add on to the Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds adventure Eisburk-Beyond-The-Shoals. Instead of merely being a stone in the chapel, now there is a hidden entrance to an ancient tomb containing a mighty Orc artifact! A full adventure with maps, monsters, treasures, and locations.
U1: THE SINISTER SECRET OF SALTMARSH TSR's UK division started to produce modules after the Fiend Folio was published. This is the first of those adventures, a mystery with action, a thinking module spiced with combat and plenty for all players to enjoy. This is a full conversion of the U1 module, adapted and set in the Jolrhos Fantasy Hero world.
U2: DANGER AT DUNWATER The sequel to U1, tying directly in to the end of that module. This follows the story to the nearby Saurian lair, are they planning an assault on the little town of Saltmarsh? A module that requires thought and diplomacy as much as combat skill. This is a full module conversion with maps, monsters, descriptions, treasures, and more, ready to play.
U3: THE FINAL ENEMY The conclusion to the U series, finishing the trilogy of UK modules. This full conversion of the AD&D adventure has everything you need to run the module, with maps, monsters, descriptions, treasures, and more. The final enemy has been revealed: Deep Ones who have a fortress not far from the little town of Saltmarsh. Four races are about to attack the Deep One Fortress, and they call on you to scout it out. Do you dare?
G1: STEADING OF THE OGRE CHIEFTAIN *RECENTLY UPDATED!* Some of the most popular AD&D modules of all time were the Giant series, G1-G3. These adventures were straight up hack and slash adventures designed for a single night at a convention, but have proved so popular and enduring that they've been reprinted and repackaged four times. Each new edition of D&D that comes out includes a new version of the Against the Giants series. This is a full Fantasy Hero conversion of the original G1 adventure set in the Jolrhos adventure world, with maps, NPCs, and treasures.
G2: GLACIAL RIFT OF THE FROST GIANT JARL This is a full Fantasy Hero conversion of the original G2 adventure, set in the Jolrhos adventure world, with maps, NPCs, and treasures. This sequel to G1 pits the heroes against giants, in a trecherous environment. The danger is greater - but so are the rewards!
I3: PHARAOH This is a conversion of the AD&D adventure by Tracy and Laura Hickman from 1983. It has been rebuilt and converted to Fantasy Hero, set in the southern country of Moskend. A full conversion of the original adventure, with maps, NPCs, treasures, and dozens of pages of details.
N1: AGAINST THE CULT OF THE REPTILE GOD Originally for AD&D, this is a full conversion to Fantasy Hero set in Jolrhos. This is the story of a small town beset with a terrible secret, and the search to end the evil hold over the people here before it spreads elsewhere. Almost 70 pages of maps, information, NPCs, treasures, herbs, and more, rebuilt and ready for play!
N2: THE FOREST ORACLE Another old AD&D adventure converted to Fantasy Hero. This is the tale of a cursed valley of farmers who need the PCs to take the dangerous trip to contact the local Druids, the Forest Oracle, for an answer to their woes. A full conversion with maps, treasures, NPCs, and encounter areas.
THE KEEP ON THE BORDERLANDS a full conversion of the classic and beloved D&D adventure for Fantasy Hero. Ideal for a starting adventure, with a ready made dungeon and safe place to train and equip. The Caves of Chaos are compartmentalized into small sections for easier short sessions clearing each out, and the original work has been greatly expanded with more quests, adventures, and options. Keep on the Borderlands is the most popular module ever made, more people have played KOTB than any other printed module and now you can play it in Fantasy Hero. This zip file includes a folio of premade characters, including spells, equipment, and other goodies!
BENEATH KARAK AZGAL In the back of the Warhammer Quest campaign book is an adventure for the game, involving a dwarven mine, orcs, and lost treasure. This is the Fantasy Hero conversion of the adventure with everything you need to play, including maps, NPCs, and handouts.
LAIR OF THE ORC LORD Another Warhammer Quest adventure, released as an expansion to the game. Following up on Karak Azgal or as a stand alone, this is the lair of a fearsome orc warlord and his minions. Can you delve into the depths and face his might?
THE DARK NECROPOLIS The third Warhammer Quest conversion, this time against the forces of the undead. Higher level yet than the orc dungeons, this long adventure leads to the Lich King's lair, a race to prevent his resurrection and a thrilling fight to the death in his hidden throne room!

OK so you've got a new adventure from here, now you can run Against the Giants in Fantasy Hero, nostalgia and fun! But what are these creatures like? What are the spells mentioned in the module? Where is "Jolrhos" and what are these treasures?

Well here's your answer. Jolrhos is my fantasy world, the setting for the adventures listed above. All the creatures, all the treasures, all the spells, all the herbs mentioned, everything are from that world, and this section has the details. Some you can download, some you can buy a disc of, and the spells are for sale in the Fantasy Codex in the Kestrel Enterprises Catalog. As time goes on, more of the world will be available for purchase with much greater explanation and detail for each of these concepts in a series of "Cyclopediae," each volume covering a different area. Until then, you can get the basics here for free!

BUILDING CHARACTER A basics how-to book of the Hero system, useful to help people in making characters in the Jolrhos campaign, with charts and bare-bones info and equipment lists.
THE JOLRHOS MAGIC SYSTEM The summary of the spell system and notes on magic used for the Jolrhos Fantasy Hero Campaign. This is compiled from both Fantasy Codices.
THE PLAYER'S HANDBOOK A book that introduces the Jolrhos Fantasy Hero campaign, with player packages, races, the magical system, talents, skills, and much more. The book to start it all off.
WESTERMARK The Westermark campaign, a setting in the world of Jolrhos with a familiar fantasy flavor yet considerable history and detail that makes it unique. Includes maps, noble houses, general area information, history, and more!
WEAPONS A full list of weapons commonly encountered in the Jolrhos Fantasy campaign setting, including unusual weapons and racial weapons particularly used in the martial arts styles listed below. Full descriptions of weapons included.
HERBS Part of the upcoming Jolrhos Field Guide (Cyclopedia 3), a list of the more commonly found herbs in Jolrhos. Herbs are magical plants, insects, minerals, and more that can be discovered and properly prepared by those with proper training for minor, short-term effects.
POISONS Another part of the Jolrhos Field Guide, a list of the more common poisons found in Jolrhos.
DWARVEN AXE MASTERY A martial arts package that was developed by the Dwarves of Jolrhos, training with axe, fist a mace to incredible degree and ability.
SHAOU LIN WATER HAND The Ytamians long ago developed techniques of fighting with the hand and simple weapons to defend against oppressors. Martial arts of a more classic, familiar type.
TEMPLAR SCHOOL OF WAR The standard school of war for Morien, the country in which the Westermark campaign setting is found. Templar knights are the finest knights in the land, with training far beyond mere weapons.
PALADINS The warriors of virtue, soldiers of the Lord. Fight, heal, and wield the Lord's power to destroy evil and aid those in need!
WAY ARCHERY The wood elves (Elencal) of Jolrhos take their archery very seriously, and so do their opponents. Learn these skills with this martial arts package!
TREASURES! Random treasure tables, ranging from spinning wheels and coal to potions, scrolls, rings, magic weapons and mighty artifacts. Designed to make treasure easier to produce and prepare. All the adventures above pull from this treasure book, which will eventually be published with writeups of all the loot, adventures, and more.
TREASURE GENERATOR! Speaking of Treasures, Glen Romero built this very handy excel spreadsheet that has all the treasure tables in it and handles all the die rolling so you don't have to (requires the included script - virus free).

THE JOLRHOS BESTIARY with over 400 creatures plus variants, indices, details on running monsters and placing them in adventures, skills that pets can be trained with, and even commodities that can be harvested off of kills. An eight-part pdf download or you can order a CD with the whole document on it here!

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