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This page is my Fantasy Hero campaign and background information, it might prove helpful for anyone making a Fantasy Hero campaign, or just for curiosity's sake. As time goes on I will add maps, adventures, and more, including the Treasure book I am writing for Hero Games.

Campaign IntroductionThis is the campaign introduction for character creation, including races, weapons packages and skill lists.
Weapon List The weapon lists for the current campaign. I list defense and body for weapons because in Fantasy Games weapons break, especially the quality that you can start with. The list is very partial, as it is only for the area that the PCs start in.
Equipment List The equipment lists for the starting area of the current campaign. This list is very partial, but is enough for most situations. It includes my material on armor, including full armor lists and types.
Herb List Scattered throughout the campaign world are various plants, animals, minerals, and insects with magical properties that can be used if properly prepared. This is the list of herbs for the area the PCs know, a very partial list for the whole world.
Treasure lists Treasure for Fantasy Hero, thousands of treasures in charts for ease of random determination, handy for any fantasy game. Power level ranges widely, from simple commodities like salt to artifact weapons like Excalibur. In time this will be released as a finished product by Kestrel Arts including illustrations and a book of write ups for the treasure, suggestions for how to build, distribute, and deal with it in your fantasy campaign. At present, however, it is unfinished and is just the tables and introductory information.
Quick Adventures Adventures for any Fantasy Hero game, useful for treasure maps, one night adventures, and so forth. Sixteen total, part of what will be a book on Treasure.
Unusual materials ConstructionConstruction and smithing notes for my Fantasy world. Eilhas, Ebon, Vhaeth, Felstone and Velune, oh my!
Random Dungeon Design Random Dungeon charts for any Fantasy game. This gives random tables (usable with the Random treasure charts, above) for filling out rooms quick and easy. Includes extensive traps, fountains, unusual features, etc.
Elven Archery PackageA martial arts package in the style of Ultimate Martial Artist, for elven archers, very deadly and flexible.
Dwarven Axe Mastery PackageThe native Dwarves of this world learn special skills and abilities that link them to their land and their weapons.
Kestrel Arts CatalogWant to buy a disc with all this on it? How about the Jolrhos Bestiary, with over 400 monsters? The Fantasy Codex, with hundreds of spells and notes on how to use magic in your campaign? Check the Catalog for products you can hold in your hand as well as on your screen

The Jolrhos Bestiary: Download the entire bestiary or purchase a CD with the full document on it! More than four hundred creatures with plenty of indices and background information, includes skills for pets, materials that can be gathered and harvested from creatures and more. Eight total downloads or one CD with the full document on it.

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