These are samples of various superheroic art I have done over the years, there is a considerable number of samples in my work that I will cycle through as time goes on. I would love work as a comic book artist, and don't do so bad at the work. Included with some of the art is information on them and their writeup in Champions rules, using the Creation Workshop program.

Lord EMP is a villain of great power and ability but no tactical sense and an apparent constant need for money he never shows any benefit from.

[Lord EMP]
[Three Ladies]
[Deathstroke Agent]

An agent of Deathstroke, a terrorist for hire organization. While they hold no strong political views, they will help any terrorist and extremist agency that can come up with the money they desire. The agents for a small but potent army for Deathstroke.

The Gorgon, an activist and extreme leftist member of the New Society, the most PC group in existence.

[New Society member Gorgon]
[for Melanie]
[Steel Knight]

It is said that the Steel Knight has been alive for thousands of years over hundreds of dimensions fighting evil endlessly. Whether or not he is an Eternal Champion, it is known he is very powerful in his magical armor and with his enchanted weapons. Not pictured here is Sterling, his animated silver horse.

The Genocide Assault Armor is the main mutant killer for Genocide, combining excellent military training with state of the art armor and weaponry, these agents are a terror to mutants everywhere.

[Genocide Assault Armor]
[Defender comin at ya]
[Sargeant Steel]

Sargeant Steel is not part of any team and seems to always show up when things are about to be their worst for someone to protect them. There does not appear to be any pattern or rhyme to his activities, although many of the people end up doing something important or significant later.

A member of the government PAA Defenders team, Maelstrom is able to convert kinetic energy into power for herself to use on others. She is not very good in interviews but is very lovely and well-liked.

[Dr Destroyer]
[Eon the alien hunter]

Eon seems to believe anyone who is a potent but himself is an alien. In fact, he seems to suspect anyone who looks or acts oddly or different might be an alien as well. Sadly he has a great deal of power to back up his paranoia.

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