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gaming pages codex v1 The Fantasy Codex, volume one.
The first of a two-volume set of spells for any fantasy game or setting that includes magic.
gaming downloads codex v2 The Fantasy Codex, volume two
The second volume with more spells, more monsters, and more tips for running magic in your game. Also includes extensive indices and help in naming spells.
Kestrel Arts bestiary The Jolrhos Bestiary
Two options are availble here: download the more than 400-creature Jolrhos Bestiary, or you can order a CD with the whole document on it here!
Kestrel Arts Catalog
Elenthar's Tower The Lost Castle
The first adventure for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts: Long ago a mad king built a fantastic complex to survive in case of disaster beneath his castle. Eventually the king's madness caused the once-rich kingdom to falter and in time it simply faded away, yet another of the lost human kingdoms long ago when the elves ruled. When adventurers stumble upon the ruins, there's much more than meets the eye. You can view the first 12 pages here, and download or buy a printed version.
Elenthar's Tower Elenthar's Tower
The second module for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts: The great mage Elenthar has vanished, his tower in town gone silent and locked tight. What has happened? Do you dare explore his home, or even more daring, loot it? Available for purchase or download; the first few pages can be viewed in a preview window.

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