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ImpThis Cyclopedia is a side project that I have had ever since I started running fantasy role playing games in 1982. Like most GMs, I suspect, I started to create my own creatures and adapt monsters from movie and television, books and comics for my own world. This list grew and changed, some being dropped and many added over the years, and every scenario and adventure I wrote ended up having at least a few of these creatures in it. As I decided to put my products and ideas out for purchase, I quickly realized how heavily they depended on the whole infrastructure for my campaign. The spells, the herbs, the treasures, the equipment, the monsters, and such all were unique to my world and required explanation for broader use. As such I found it useful to make some of this widely available for free on the internet, and available eventually for purchase in several volumes in book form. Those book have yet to be finished, awaiting art.

In particular, the Cyclopedia is useful to have available free for others to use because of the space involved in writing up a creature. The average adventure I’ve written up has (in addition to NPCs specific to the adventure) dozens of creatures specific to the Jolrhos campaign, and that’s simply too much space and trouble for each dungeon.

ZombieMost of the creatures in this book are either unique to the Jolrhos fantasy campaign or adaptations from other sources. I freely admit that I stole blithely and borrowed joyfully from everything from Lord of the Rings to La Morte D’Arthur. I will not hide the fact that many creatures in this work have been taken from other sources and built for Fantasy Hero. A wise man once said there is nothing new under the sun, and so it is with Fantasy – in one way or another we’re all derivative, we all borrow from others and stand on the shoulders of giants and dwarves.

Other creatures are simply my take on what has been published by others for Fantasy Hero and the Hero System rules. There are a variety of reasons for this, usually just a slight difference in design or idea. Sometimes my view of a creature varies from the source material others publish, and sometimes I simply did not agree with the method of building the creature.

Here you will find the entire Bestiary for Jolrhos for download or a small purchase if you want to simply have a CD with all the files burned on to it.

The first volume has creatures unique to Jolrhos, either completely new or a unique take on rare or unusual creatures. The Second Volume contains more generic creatures found in most every bestiary - orcs, goblins, giants, and so on - written up specifically for the Jolrhos Fantasy Hero campaign. The Third Volume is exotic and strange creatures, creatures from the underdeeps and countries other than the typical starting area of Morien.

The final book versions will have the introduction which includes information on mounts (special training, talents, and skills as well as personality quirks and disadvantages), pets, and a large section of information on various goods and commodities which can be gathered from fallen foes such as spider web, leather, and so on. The indices will also allow the book owner to easily and swiftly find creatures by name, type, habitat, and total cost.

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PDF DOWNLOADS: These downloadable versions lack the extensive introduction, the illustrations, and the indices which the books will eventually have.

Thus, I've broken it up into sections that you can download one at a time if you want; a total of three pdf files. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view these documents

Unique Creatures Generic Creatures Exotic Creatures

BESTIARY PURCHASE: If you'd prefer to have the Jolrhos Bestiary on a disc for convenience rather than downloading three pdf files, you can order a CD. The CD includes the entire bestiary in three documents, and sells for $2.99. This cost is merely to cover shipping and the CD price.

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